Atlas and holistic alignement

  From the moment of birth, the first cervical vertebra (known as the Atlas) is slightly malpositioned, both in humans and in animals, which causes instability and makes the person or animal vulnerable to still further displacement after an accident or fall. The result can be a significant weakening of the whole organism.

How is the Atlas put back into place?

The repositioning of the Atlas vertebra , the realignment of the Atlas is achieved principally with the aid of sound codes, with movement in a secondary, accompanying role, which allows the body and its powerful energies to work on themselves.

It allows the body’s natural powers of self-healing and regeneration to become fully active.

Please remember: the rebalancing, realignment and repositioning of the Atlas which we offer has nothing to do with allopathic medicine, and no diagnosis is carried out.

Stiffness and tension around the nape of the neck and in the spine are very common due to the misaligned the position of the Atlas; life’s little traumas only make things worse, as many people know only too well. The Auto-Healing organisation “Rückgrad e.V.” has listed the secondary effects of tension and stiffness in the nape and back:

  • Pain in the nape of the neck and the back
  • Badly positioned jaws
  • Problems with hips and kneecaps
  • Hearing and sight problems
  • Migraines, headaches and dizziness
  • Numbness in arms and fingers
  • Pain in arms and legs
  • Organic disorders and digestive problems
  • Psychological disorders
  • Burn out
  • Hyperactivity
  • dyslexia

What is this care if necessary ?

An innovative and effective process of the original realignment, from vertebrae of the column to the physical level; as well as at the bio-energetic level the activation of the doors and restoration of energy channels. 
Replacing the Atlas C1 and the C2 axis carrying the head ... 
-> These offsets are born in all humans!Completely curable for a few years. 

Why do we have to realign them?

The column, with its vertebrae, is a central point of the body's structure and balance! 
It is also a crossroads of vital energy flow and kundalini with its energy channels.

The atlas must be properly aligned with the central axis which is essential for optimal health and vitality; he encourages many chronic diseases, including those related to pain. 

This incorrect positioning, for most of us, means that there is pressure on the spine (located in the middle) and that this pressure causes symptoms and conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in many of us. places of our body, including the head. Our nerves are connected from our brain to the tips of the fingers and toes. Think of all the areas that are affected by a malfunctioning nervous system.It is crucial to have a communication system that works effectively. 

What role does the atlas have?

The ATLAS carries our head, and connects it to the spine and the rest of our body. Since this is misaligned, not axed correctly, you can imagine how vulnerable the head and the whole body structure is and how the body is trying to compensate for this misalignment. The Atlas, is the first bone of your cervical in your neck, and responsible for the overall balance of your body. 

As we know, our head is a body driver and constantly sends fast speed messages throughout our body. These messages cross the Atlas via the spine and the nervous system.So, if the Atlas is shot, the messages are muffled and not delivered correctly. The body waited for this last piece to be properly positioned all his life .... Once put back in place, the body can finally work in a powerful, flexible and resilient way. 

What is its specificity compared to other techniques?

The Atlas Balancing ™ process, an extremely gentle technique using a very light touch, energy work and sounds. The latter are vibratory, sacred, sung with precision and with particular intent. They are called Sound Codes.
No abrupt touch existing in conventional medicine. These soundcodes remind the body to begin to heal itself, to convey and bring lasting and lasting changes in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignments.Testimonies from all over the world attest to the long term, and the disappearance of related symptoms. 

This alignment care is not just a medicine therapy in the physical sense. We work with energy healing, touch for health and spiritual healing. This work is a milder, more complete and lasting process than some processes of the medical profession (atlasprofilax, atlantotec, atlasenergie ...) to restore the atlas. 

What is the need to work also at the energy / quantum level?

It induces and promotes the reactivation of deep, dormant self-healing abilities from cellular to DNA. The expression of all this starts immediately after the sessions and integration until long after. 

The rates ?
The realignment is done in 2-3 sessions 70 €
Children in 1 session <14 years 50 €

Durable care for life.

Cash payment / transfer / no checks, RIB HERE
(Families reduction)
(Not reimbursed secu)

Siret 504984303 00041
International licensed

Image of a typical change in standing physical posture, more upright. 



This procedure does not replace a convective allopathic procedure possibly given by a sworn doctor.

ith or without disorders, atlas alignment is an essential basis, both physical and psychoenergetically.
Know that often children have a capacity for evolution faster than us, it is usually the environment and the environment that are limiting, even if loving.
We need them and are open to doing sessions to groups of children at lower prices.

The proposed work is not a miracle that will remove all suffering with a magic wand ... But it allows to resume the capabilities of these bodies, all functions can be affected, this physically ... and energetically it is will awaken as much on the capacities to structure thoughts and emotions, and subtle perceptions in oneself and in others.
Children "ordinary"

It's simple, finding its natural body structure and energy circulation never had, it will have more possibilities, self-development capabilities.
Conscious or troubled children

They can better manage their disorder, balance invasive perceptions ...

We noticed more anchoring on multiple levels. Less pressure on the nervous system and relaxation .